About Fictional Matters

Fictional Matters looks at stories that matter, explores why they matter, and ponders the considerable craft involved in creating them.  It covers all things of interest to storytellers of any medium, including techniques, tools, and exemplars of the craft.

The proliferation of storytelling - in novels, movies, TV series, comic books, and countless other forms - in our world reveals a contradiction that lies at the very core of what it means to be human: that a latticework of lies and make-believe can often reveal truths that would otherwise remain buried beneath everyday life and the bounds of reality.  From Homer's epics to Shakespeare's plays to Star Wars and Harry Potter, the greatest and fictional constructs can shape the paths and outlooks of entire generations, and serve as perennial touchstones for peoples, cultures, and societies.

Fictional Matters' author claims no special insight into the depths of storytelling and the nature of its hold on the human heart.  He merely seeks to share his thoughts on storytelling - however deep or shallow they may be - with fellow sojourners.

Signature posts include:
  • Fictional Tips feature techniques and exercises for honing one's craft.
  • Fictional Tools of the Trade feature reviews of a writer's tools: pens, notebooks, keyboards, and the like.
  • Stories That Matter feature reviews of books, comics, movies, TV shows, and all forms of storytelling media that epitomize the potential of the storytelling craft to make a profound impact on the hearts and minds of an audience.

About the Nexus of Misc Blog Collective

The Nexus of Misc Blog Collective are a series of niche-oriented blogs, each of which centers on one of the myriad interests of the Nexus Writer.  The Writer's interests include writing itself, anime and manga, technology, pens and other creative paraphernalia, watches, and popular media like books, TV shows, and films.

The Nexus Pledge

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